Equity Offerings


We assist companies in deciding if and how it makes sense to tap the capital markets.  Our typical role is to prepare companies and helping executing their capital market transactions. 

We advise privately-owned companies on:

  • IPOs

  • Spin-offs & spin-outs

We advise publicly-listed companies on:

  • Follow-ons (capital increases, secondary   sales)

  • Equity linked offerings

Dual Tracks


Dual track processes run simultaneously an IPO and a M&A track in the case of an exit. There are thus subject to various conflicts of interests between both tracks, which need to be managed.


Lilja & Co. will advise on the feasibility of a dual track process and will provide a recommendation as to what type of dual track process is most appropriate for a specific situation.

Selected services specific to dual track advisories include:

  • Definition of clear objectives

  • Decision criteria and appropriate decision points

  • Definition and negotiation of the mandate(s) to the executing bank(s) 

  • Appropriate management incentivisation for both tracks

Financial Advisory

Selectively, we offer to help companies and financial sponsors on M&A transactions in which a capital market transaction is envisaged at exit or in the long term.

In certain specific situations, we also offer the full range of M&A services.


As independent adviser, Lilja & Co. offers tailor-made and high quality capital markets advisory services to owners and managements of large and medium-sized companies throughout Europe. Our main service categories are equity offerings (e.g. IPOs, follow-ons), dual tracks and financial advisory. 

The core service offering of Lilja & Co. is independent IPO and dual track advisory.