Equity Offerings


We assist companies in deciding if and how it makes sense to tap the equity capital markets.

We advise privately-owned companies on:

  • IPOs

  • Spin-offs & spin-outs

  • Alternative ways of crystallising value

We advise publicly-listed companies on:

  • Follow-ons (capital increases, secondary   sell-downs)

  • Equity-linked offerings

We add substantial value in

  • Preparing companies for the capital markets on a timely basis

  • Selecting and hiring banks and other advisers on optimal terms

  • Increasing valuation transparency

  • Setting the optimal price range/ offer pricing

  • Allocating shares to the right investor base

Dual Tracks


The various conflicts of interests in dual track exit processes, i.e. the simultaneous pursuit of an IPO and a Trade Sale, need to be managed.

In addition to the specific value add provided directly in relation to the IPO, in a dual track, Lilja & Co. will in particular advise on

  • Defining the appropriate type of dual track given the specific situation

  • The incentivisation of management to pursue both tracks with equal focus​

  • Aligning both tracks, avoiding redundancies, and defining the key decision criteria and decision points

  • Incentivising banks appropriately on both tracks

  • Selecting the optimal exit option by evaluating the relative attractiveness of both the IPO and the Trade Sale at each key decision point

Financial Advisory

We leverage our capital markets transaction experience and offer specialised advice in the following areas:

  • Exit/ Capital markets readiness assessment ahead of a proposed IPO or dual track exit process

  • Early company preparation

  • Teach-ins/ workshops about all aspects of going public and being a public company

  • Corporate governance and management incentivisation for privately- and publicly-owned companies

  • Investor targeting: Lilja & Co. has developed a proprietary investor data-base helping, amongst others, publicly-listed companies and financial investors to target and allocate the highest quality institutional investors in the given situation

  • Selected range of M&A services for certain specific situations


As an independent adviser, Lilja & Co. offers tailor-made and high quality capital markets advisory services to owners, founders and managements of large and medium-sized companies throughout Europe. Our main service categories are equity offerings (e.g. IPOs, Secondaries), dual track exits and specialised financial advisory. 

The core service offering of Lilja & Co. is independent IPO and dual track advisory.